REA/L Estate Analysis Software

Software For The Analysis of Investment Real Estate



The input area of the APODCF form has the "STANDARD OPERATING STATEMENT". Next, is the input screen below. It needs the information requested.

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The next input screen is for the investors tax information. The adjusted gross is used in passive loss calculations. The taxable income will provide the tax-rate. A menu option also allows you to input the tax bracket manually.

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The third input screen provides for variables in creating the cash flow analysis. There are growth rate factors for income and expenses and questions for how you want the potential sale each year to be calculated. There is also a place for any sales commission and spots for you to enter net present value rates if you are into those.

If you ever have need for the rates of increase to vary from year to year, there is another place for the input of those amounts.

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Go back to the entry screen and choose the CASH FLOW analysis form for the actual cash flow projection.

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