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The C.C.I.M. Designation

The Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation, conferred by the CCIM Institute, is awarded to experts in the disciplines of commercial real estate brokerage, asset managment, valuation, and investment analysis.

Designation Requirements

Candidates for the CCIM designation must complete an 18 credit-hour curriculum (nine credit hours of core courses and nine hours of elective courses -- approximately 240 classroom hours in all). Following the course work, candidates must submit a resume of closed transactions and/or consultations showing a depth of experience in the commercial and/or residential investment field. Each candidate must document a minimum of 10 qualifying transactions regardless of the total volume, or $30 million in volume regardless of the number of transactions. After fulfilling these requirements (requirements differ for allied professionals), candidates must pass a comprehensive examination to earn the designation.

The CCIM Membership Network

The CCIM network mirrors the increasingly changing nature of the industry. Members include brokers, leasing professionals, investment counselors, asset managers, commercial lenders, mortgage brokers, institutional investors, developers, property managers, attorneys, and financial planners. Twelve CCIM regions represent more than 1,000 cities, putting CCIMs in more marketplaces in North America than all major real estate companies combines.


The Institute anticipates member demand for advanced technology. They publish a CD-ROM version of the membership directory. Because a CD-ROM can store an enormous amount of data on a single disk, it will be an opportunity to include photos and a wealth of details about specialties, markets served, areas of interest, previous experience, awards, and achievements. Those wishing to network with a CCIM or provide a referral can electronically search the CD-ROM directory by specialty, markets geographic area, or a combination of any of the data fields collected.

CCIM.COM on the World-Wide Web

A CCIM location is on the web. You can search for CCIMs by State, Name, or speciality. There are both public forums on various subjects and a private area for CCIMs only. There is further information on the CCIM designation and a list of upcoming courses leading to the CCIM designation.

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