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REA/L Software is a COMPLETE PROGRAM for the financial analysis of real estate. Over 40 applications include rent schedules, lease analysis, operating statements, cash flow analysis, loan schedules and evaluation, plus exchange structuring and more. Program includes industry standard forms used in REALTOR GRI and CCIM courses. The price includes FREE SUPPORT with the developer.


REA/L Software is available for

The newest, and probably the best, versions of REA/L Software are the ones for 1-2-3 version 5.0+ and Excel 5.0+. Both use windows menus, buttons, point and click, full time graphs, etc. The spreadsheet versions also allow for maximum flexibility when it comes to any User modifications.


All REA/L worksheets come up directly on the screen. A standard single-page form is 60 lines. For User input, it's as easy as moving through the form with the arrow keys and keying in the information. The form on the screen is also exactly what will print out. Each application has a menu system available with a single key stroke or a button. To print a worksheet, call up the menu and tap the letter P, or click on it. To clear the worksheet for a new problem, get the menu and tap C. NO INDEPTH KNOWLEDGE OF SPREADSHEETS IS REQUIRED. The menu systems also provides for changing variables.

Market Research

A first step for evaluating an income property is the determination of market rents. As an example, for an apartment project, knowing the square footage and the current rents can provide the rent-per-square-foot. The RENTAL- SURVEY form provides for the organization of the rents that exist in the area for comparison to the subject property. It is identical to what many appraisers use. The SURVEY shows the conclusions for each type unit, minimum and maximum and average, along with a space for input of what you determine to be market rents.

Rent Schedule

The RENT SCHEDULE form organizes the types of units, the square feet, and the rents. From that input the rent-per- square-feet and the annual rent is calculated.

Operating Statements

REA/L contains several different operating statements used in GRI and CCIM courses all over the USA. A standard single- column operating statement in common use is the ANNUAL PROPERTY OPERATING DATA, abbreviated APOD. A different version is provided for the evaluation of the income and expenses for a BUSINESS. Also provided are several MULTI COLUMN OPERATING STATEMENTS for comparing more than one year side-by-side or playing "what-if" on a single form. It's possible to compare the last couple of years with two or three projections all together is possible on the 5-COLUMN OPERATING STATEMENT.

Cash Flow Analysis

The cash flow analysis form in REA/L Software allows you to make a 10-YEAR CASH FLOW PROJECTION from an OPERATING STATEMENT in seconds. Simply add the beginning year, the type of depreciation, the investors individual tax identity and how you want income and expenses projected. The cash flow form projects the loans, income and expenses, depreciation from built-in cost recovery tables, any passive-loss disallowance, before and after tax cash flows, and the the sales proceeds before and after taxes AS IF sold each year. From that information, the worksheet also determines the projected Internal Rate of Return AS IF it were sold at the end of each year. The cashflow form provides a BUY-LEASE analysis, an INVESTMENT SUMMARY, 5 BUILT-IN GRAPHS and more. For playing what-if, change a number and you'll see the result INSTANTLY. Change the price, see the result. Change the interest or the loan, see the result. The biggest slow down will be waiting for your printer!

Lease Analysis

REA/L Software provides a LEASE ANALYSIS for creating a tenant-by-tenant projection. It calculates the gross annual rent, the annual rent per square feet, and a year by year projection based on the starting date and the term. The ten year projection of incomes in the lease analysis is then transferred to an operating statement and can be imported to a cashflow analysis. The NET PRESENT VALUE of each lease is also available for comparing lease opportunities.


When 3 or more parties are involved in a real estate transaction, anyone can have problems sorting out the details. REA/L allows you to structure up to an 8-way exchange following these simple steps:

1- Enter names of the parties and what they own.

2- Note the number of the property each is to acquire.

3- For each party, enter the Market Value, loans, potential new loans and adjusted basis.

4- The net equities appear on a balancing screen. Balance the equity of each party by giving or receiving cash or paper. The amounts needed are displayed to make balancing easy.

After the input and balancing is completed for each party, select SUMMARY from the menu and you'll see a screen showing each party's amounts given and received. The BASIS ADJUSTMENT section shows the RECOGNIZED GAIN and the DEFERRED GAIN for each party. A San Diego Realtor called the exchange worksheet SIMPLY AWESOME! He said, what impressed us most was how easy the form was to use and the organization and detail of the reports.

Loan Schedules and Evaluations

REA/L creates many LOAN AMORTIZATIONS. Monthly payments, bi-weekly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual schedules can be created. VARIABLE PAYMENT and interest rate schedules are available PLUS the determination of the value of the loan from an investment viewpoint. Another worksheet determines the present value of an equity in a WRAP-AROUND MORTGAGE. It's really handy for anyone INVESTING IN LOANS.

Residential Applications

Several common evaluations are included relating to residential real estate. There's a simple BUYER'S MOVE-IN and a SELLERS NET PROCEEDS worksheet. The HOMESALE WORKSHEET transfers the gain from the sale of a residence into a new acquisition. The RENT-BUY form makes it easy to compare renting a home vs a home purchase. A REFINANCE DECISION form is included and so is a BUYER'S QUALIFICATIONS form.

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