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Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening! Good to see you! Some general support questions and answers are posted here.

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Q. In Excel 5.0, a single-page form takes 2 pages.??

A. For proper printing with Excel 5.0, make these settings using the Excel menu bar. FILE then PAGE-SETUP then HEADER/FOOTER and make sure BOTH of them are set to (none).

Another goof-up is in movement around the worksheet. Make these settings using the Excel menu bar. TOOLS then OPTIONS then TRANSITION and make sure the box is checked beside "TRANSITION NAVIGATION KEYS". While you are there, click on the EDIT tab. Make sure the box is blank where it says "MOVE SELECTION AFTER ENTER".

Q.How come the "mail to Roger" buttons don't work?

A.It seems as though Netscape version 1.2 and maybe a Mosaic version or two, don't like the command. I sorry:( Maybe someday the browser-people will get their act together. Newer netscape versions and new Microsoft browser seem to be ok.
Q. So if there is something worthwhile here, why do I have to scroll down thru all the earlier questions to see the new ones?

A. Hey, I'm only a "pseudo-nerd". I'll put the new ones on top! Thanks :)
Q. Carl had the new 1-2-3 version 5.0. When printing, I get a one-page form on two pages.

A. After going through all the "normal" printer problems, we (he) found that in 1-2-3 version 5.0, the HP LaserJet 2 preferred a HP LaserJet3 driver. Go figure:)
Q. Rick said, I saved out the APODCF worksheet from the 1-2-3 version 5 in a new subdirectory where I was keeping things for this client. When I brought up the APODCF menu to print, I received an error message.

A. The new Lotus version has some configuration files to make the APODCF print in different sizes and also to print the graphs in either portrait or landscape. If you are going to use that worksheet or the lease analysis worksheet in a seperate subdirectory, there are 5 *.AL3 files that need to be COPIED there also. Huh? In the 123REAL subdirectory there are five files with the AL3 at the end of the name. (extension). COPY them to the new subdirectory and the printing will be fixed.
Q. Bob M. said, "will the new version of REA/L have a buy-lease analysis in it?

A. Yes. In fact, it is in the version you have dated December of 93. For comparing a residence rent vs buy, use the worksheet RENTBUY. For investment/commercial, use the APODCF. On the REA/L menu, choose ENTER. From the menu that next appears, choose MORE-CHOICES. Listed there will be BUY-LEASE.


Q. CD said I was going to leave a note but there wasn't a button to mail something.

A. Well, there was way down at the bottom:) BUT, for you, there's one on the first screen too.

Q. (Your ??)


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