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2005 TAX UPDATE DONE......... Call or email for info

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There are 2 new versions of REA/L Software. One is a version written in Windows Lotus 1-2-3 for windows. All the regular windows menu functions are available to use at any time. At the click of a button, a REA/L menu appears for printing, clearing, changing variables, etc. All of the print functions are predefined for simplicity. There are "MENU" buttons all over the worksheets so there is alway easy access. There are also arrows for moving around the worksheets. If you're used to using the first letter of the menu choice like in earlier versions of 1-2-3, they still work in the new version.

The graphs in the 1-2-3 version 5.0+ cashflow are "live" all the time. Click the GOTO button or choose the ENTER function on the menu and there will be a list of locations. One of them is GRAPHS. When you get there, buttons will move from graph to graph or to a print-graph menu for easy printing. The print-graph menu also allows for printing "portrait" or "landscape".


The second new version of REA/L Software is for Excel. Each worksheet has a button marked "XLMENU" and another "REA/L MENU". They switch the menu-bar across the top from Excel's to the custom REA/L menu-bar. It includes all printing functions, clearing of the worksheet, changing variables, etc.

The graphs in Excel are also "live" all the time. The ENTER function on the REA/L menu takes you to all five of them on the cashflow. The PRINT menu has them listed. With the graphs done this way, you make a change on the form and the graph is instantly redone.

Both new versions are FASTER than before. Set on automatic recalc, the cashflow is super-fast even on a 386. (assuming enough RAM is present). Both new versions produce greatly improved printouts. Bold print headings, better fonts, etc. GREATLY improved. Which do I prefer? I prefer the mechanics of how 1-2-3 does menu's. In earlier versions of Excel, I could crash my system easily when doing a lot of work. In 1-2-3, never. BUT..., both new versions are THE way to go. You can upgrade from any version of any spreadsheet, almost, to 1-2-3 version 5.0 for around $90. WELL WORTHWHILE.

Like many of you, I also use Microsoft Office. It comes with Excel. There is easy import from a worksheet to Word. I also import from a 1-2-3 worksheet into Word. It's your call:) If you have any further questions on which way to go, let me know.


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